All communication in one place for you!

This important tool that we provide to our customers allows us to facilitate and centralise all communications and documentation related to the shipping of animals.

Fly Geopets App facilitates pet travel, simplifies the exchange of documents between owners and other entities involved in the movement of animals and Geopets.
Run your simulation and purchase a Geopets service
After acquiring the service, a user and password will be sent to log in to the platform.
Keep track of your pet and clarify all doubts through the chat with our team

This app is available for download at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Just one click away we make an important part of the bureaucratic work related to the shipping of animals easier and more reliable. All records remain on the platform and all documents reach us safely and immediately with the advantage of remaining available for consultation at any time.

All communication in one place for you!

This way we provide time savings by keeping all the history of a particular shipment in a single place, accessible to the main interested parties, for example, documents and emails that can often get lost.

We have the greatest respect for our customers. We learn, grow and work with them, the least we can give them is a service of excellence. Because only then does it make sense and only then do we commit to the quality of our delivery in full.