How should I measure my pet?

For an accurate quote , please confirm the measurements of your pet. When you're ready , you can get a quote for Geopets .
A. Length in cm = nose to the tail - tail excluded
B. Height in cm = Floor to top of the head up
C. cm width = In the widest point

A trip to the vet : Will I need to go to the vet before traveling with my pet?

​Before traveling abroad, your pet requires a mandatory visit to the vet .
You should always consult a veterinarian because he can advise on what is necessary to take or do to make the journey of your pet the best and safest possible and also ensure the necessary measures to vaccines or blood tests to complete all this process before your pet flight . If you are unsure , you can talk to Geopets for advice on what is needed at vet level before your pet travels abroad .