General Questions

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How should I measure my pet?

For an accurate quote , please confirm the measurements of your pet. When you're ready , you can get a quote for Geopets .
A. Length in cm = nose to the tail - tail excluded
B. Height in cm = Floor to top of the head up
C. cm width = In the widest point

A trip to the vet : Will I need to go to the vet before traveling with my pet?

​Before traveling abroad, your pet requires a mandatory visit to the vet .
You should always consult a veterinarian because he can advise on what is necessary to take or do to make the journey of your pet the best and safest possible and also ensure the necessary measures to vaccines or blood tests to complete all this process before your pet flight . If you are unsure , you can talk to Geopets for advice on what is needed at vet level before your pet travels abroad .


Send us a message using our form and we will be happy to answer your questions.
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Does my pet have enough space?

Yes , pet carriers have to be large enough for your pet to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably. A pet carrier which is too small or too large can be dangerous for your pet.

Can Geopets provide the kennel for my pet?

Yes, in Geopets you can get the suitable and correct kennel to ensure the best transport and safe journey for your pet .

You can put the toys in the kennel?

Unfortunately , most airlines do not allow toys inside with pets, as there may be a possibility of choking if swallowed. Collars should also be removed before the trip. These can be placed on the outside of the kennel , if necessary.


Send us a message using our form and we will be happy to answer your questions.
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How far in advance should I start planning the trip for my pet?

You should start planning as early as possible. Transporting your pet requires a lot of coordination and planning can often take weeks or months to coordinate your trip .
There are several procedures that must be met , going to the vet, vaccinations , transport box etc ...

How should I proceed on the journey?

Exercise your pet before the trip. Without overdoing provide a long walk and will see that he will probably fall asleep inside the kennel.
Do not feed on the day of travel just let your pet to have access to water. A Delicacy is acceptable, normal meal not.
Try also to be calm , our friends feel when we are anxious or agitated and that negatively influence their state as well.

And if I do not travel with my pet?

It is not uncommon that the pet travels separately in different flight of its owner!
Our service ensures that your pet has the best care throughout the journey even if you do not travel on the same flights.
If you do not travel with your pet, then you must ensure that you will be waiting and collecting your pet at the destination airport.
The entire process after arrival may take 1-4 hours. On arrival you may also ask a friend or family member to receive it on your behalf. The contact details of this person should be reported to Geopets in advance because all these details must be included in the flight documents.
However if you want you can also choose the service Geopets, door to door and and we will deliver to your address at destination.
The original vaccination Bulletin and / or animal passport must accompany the pet on its flight as may be required on arrival.

Air travel affect our pets?

For a pet that never traveled by plane before, the whole experience is a very strange step, but most go through this situation without any difficulty!
The only thing that seems to affect pets after a trip is the time difference , and we often hear dog owners tell us that their animals want to go for walks at very odd hours of the day!
Jet lag seems to affect our pets the same way it affects us, humans!

Will my pet need food during the flight?

Animals that will travel are not fed immediately before the trip or during the flight , this is the way to provide a comfortable flight . All transport cages must have water containers installed and these will be filled before departure and possible stops for refueling .

I have access to my pets during the flight?

No passengers or crew have access to the load compartment during flight . Pets are checked during any stops for refueling .
The animals are monitored before entering the flight , and upon arrival at the destination airport .

Where will my pet on the plane?

All animals are placed in a special hold of the aircraft , which is situated below the passenger cabin . They travel in the cargo hold where the temperature is controlled and under pressure using the same air conditioning of the passenger cabin, meaning that our friend will travel at a temperature between 18 and 20ºC.
Due to the surrounding atmosphere most of the animals will fall asleep during the flight

Will my pet be sedated before traveling by plane?

Most veterinarians and airlines strongly discourage the use of any sedative before and during flights . Adverse drug reactions and respiratory difficulties may occur during the change in air pressure. Some airlines may even refuse to carry sedated animals, they can not detect your health.